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Fresh Start Seminars

Fresh Start Mediation has seen the positive impact of healthy communication in the Family Room, Class Room and the Boardroom.  Our Workshop & Seminar series are carefully designed to ensure you achieve the utmost in all of your relationships, whether they be with your colleagues, classmates or partner.

Whether at the beginning at the relationship, or at the end, our focus is to ensure the best path to create your very own Fresh Start.

How can communication
training help you:

in a relationship..

55% of divorcing couples cited poor communication as their primary reason for wanting a divorce

during a divorce...

In Canada, the average bill for litigation is over $20,000 more than for mediation

in a classroom...

Schools that implemented mediation and conflict management training saw a 33% decline in bullying

at your workplace...

Disengaged employees cost their organization $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary

DIvorce Workshop

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Healthy Relationships Seminar

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Conflict Management Workshop

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Fresh Start Corporate series

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