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Parenting Plans

Parenting Plans that simply work

We know the very beginning of a divorce or separation can be overwhelming.

We’ve put together a complete Parenting Plan Guide to help you make arrangements to ensure your children are cared for, happy and able to thrive.

If you would like a co-parenting coaching session to discuss any aspect of separated parenting, please get in touch here.

We ask you to answer the quesitons that mean the most to you.  From your goals, to how you would like to share the values, beliefs and behaviors to ensure you help maneuver your children through this transition with utmost support. 

What is a Parenting Plan?

A Parenting Plan is a written agreement made by parents who are in the process of separating or divorcing over how to co-parent their children during and after the breakup.

The Parenting Plan is a point of reference, a template that can be referred to, added to, revised and updated in whatever ways are needed as your children grow and develop and as your family circumstances change.

A Parenting Plan puts on record the fact that one key area of your relationship is not ending, despite your separation or divorce – your role as parents to the children.

Understanding what your children are going through can be difficult when you’re struggling to make sense of your own feelings and when you have so much else to think about. A Parenting Plan can help set priorities and give structure for onward life – however uncertain at the time.

Parenting your children won’t wait – they are watching now for how you cope and what you do, making assumptions about how life will be and what kind of a relationship they will have with you both in the new world. You are determining their safety, security and sense of confidence in the future.

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Parenting after Separation course

Parenting After Separation (PAS)

PAS is an e-Course to help parents and guardians make positive choices about how they will continue to parent their children after separation.  PAS provides parents with information about the separation and divorce process, the effects of separation and divorce on children, techniques for communication and legal information that affects parents and children. 

Parenting After Separation High Conflict (PASHC)

PASHC is an e-Course available to all parents and guardians who have completed the PAS course and are experiencing more intense, long-lasting conflict during their separation.  PASHC provides information and strategies to help reduce the level of conflict between separated parents and help minimize the negative impacts of parental conflict on children.

PAS and PASHC e-Courses are available in English and French at no cost.