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Our Mediation Services

Parenting Plans

Our Mediation Services

Parenting Plans

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What is a parenting plan?

An agreement that ensures the health, happiness and security of your children.

How will it work?

Understanding what your children are going through can be difficult when you’re struggling to make sense of your own feelings during a separation or divorce. A parenting plan can help set priorities and provide structure as you both move forward.

Your children are naturally making assumptions about how their lives are changing and what their relationship with each parent will look like. Parenting plans can help your children feel safe, secure and confident about the future as you make plans that keep their health and happiness a priority.

We help you understand what your rights and obligations are when it comes to parenting, including the federal and provincial mandated guidelines that may apply to your situation.

We know the very beginning of a divorce or separation can be overwhelming. We will help you build parenting plan that really works. 

How do we help?

In our co-parenting coaching sessions, we help you answer the questions that mean the most to you. We explore your goals and discuss how you would like to share your values, beliefs and behaviors to ensure you both provide the best support to your children through this transition.

Parenting plans ensure your child thrives with the security of a plan that is developed with care, empathy and understanding. After your initial agreements are made, we commit to providing you with continuous services, coaching and mediation if needed as your children grow or your circumstances change.

What we’ll talk about:

  • Living arrangements and transitions
  • Values and beliefs
  • Health
  • Education
  • Child support
  • Communication strategies

Download our parenting guide:

Alberta Parenting After Separation eCourses

In Alberta, parents are usually required to complete the free Parenting after Separation e-Course before finalizing their divorce.

Parenting after Separation e-Course

PAS is an e-Course to help parents and guardians make positive choices about how they will continue to parent their children after separation.  PAS provides parents with information about the separation and divorce process, the effects of separation and divorce on children, techniques for communication and legal information that affects parents and children. Offered for free in english and french.

Parenting After Separation High Conflict (PASHC) e-Course

PASHC is an e-Course available to all parents and guardians who have completed the PAS course and are experiencing more intense, long-lasting conflict during their separation. PASHC provides information and strategies to help reduce the level of conflict between separated parents and help minimize the negative impacts of parental conflict on children. Offered for free in english and french.

What you will get:

A safe place

We work with each of you to ensure we keep you and your partner accountable to a process that works.

A clear path

We walk through every step and option to ensure that each of you have your very own Fresh Start.

A fresh start

We work with you to ensure you have the agreement you need , and a plan to implement that works.

Download our divorce mediation & coaching guide to learn more

What will it cost?

Mediation can save time, money & stress compared to traditional divorce.

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We offer no obligation, free 1hr consultations to people like you. Let’s talk about your situation. Really.