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Don Schapira

Fresh Thoughts Winter 2022 Newsletter

When you find yourself needing to proceed with a separation or divorce, you need the best people behind you to assure you get the fresh start you truly deserve. The growing team at Fresh Start Mediation blend fresh ideas, experience, and innovation.

It’s our passion to save you money and see you happier and more stable than when we first meet for that free consult.

Our Western Canadian team recently met in the late summer for some team building, and good times together, which is rare when you serve Canadians from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba! We work well as a team, but face to face BBQs make all the difference.

Don Schapira, Founder of Fresh Start Mediation, believes that “a Fresh Start begins with a fresh and talented team.” It has been his mission to create that. Since 2020, Fresh Start Mediation has grown to serve communities in Northern Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Strong, talented voices and skill sets by our mediators help our clients ensure their voices are heard, and agreements finalized.

And we only continue to grow. Not only with our team and geography, but with the growing partnership and technological needs of our clients.

It was announced in the summer of 2022, that Fresh Start has created a vital partnership with the team at JD Law and Associates in order to create, compile and file your paperwork into the court documents you need to finalize your agreement.

This is in addition with the Eau Claire Financial partnership announced in 2021 to ensure your financial disclosure is collected, assessed, and explained to our clients in the way they need to understand the complexities of Division of Assets. We continue to add to our list of services through technology. In 2023, we look forward to rolling out the Fresh Start Mediation App for iOS and Android. 

This app will help make financial disclosure easy to compile right from your mobile phone. Fresh Start Clients will also be able to create a new meeting, see their mediation status, and complete all of their paperwork all from the click of a button on their mobile.

We will continue to work to create Fresh Thoughts. This year we have brought on Fresh Faces, Fresh Locations, and many Fresh Ideas. We look forward to seeing what the next year will bring.

“A Fresh Start begins with a Fresh and Talented Team”
~ Don Schapira,

fresh thoughts:

2022 winter newsletter

We offer multiple ways to connect for a free consultation, either alone for 15 minutes, or with you and your partner for 1 hour.

We have witnessed the positive impact of our process in changing the way couples and families move through divorce. We want to do the very same for you.

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