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Fresh Start-ups

Do something great. Do something fresh. Do it right.

Starting a business requires a lot of research, creativity, and work ethic.  Even though you may have a great idea, a wonderful platform, and a solid partner, do you have the communication skills to sustain it?

Fresh Start can help. Our Fresh Start-Ups program works with you to create the boundaries, accountabilities, and assurances to help you succeed.

Emapthy vs Sympathy

Brené Brown writes that “empathy fuels connection, sympathy drives disconnection”. It is up to each one of us to gain the tools to regain what may be lost. Through interactive exercises, we will add to your toolkit build connections.

Intent vs Perception

We seek out love, trust and support in each of our relationships, yet find ourselves in a myriad of arguments, fights and feeling alone. Understanding the difference between intent and perception is key for healthy relationships, we will guide you through that path.

Trust vs Doubt

We’ve all heard that trust is like a vase. We look at that same metaphor a bit differently. While what is lost may never be regained, the new element that we can find could bring us even closer. The choice is up to us. Trust and productivity go together, it simply requires effort. 

Guilt vs Blame & Shame

There is a major difference between feeling guilt, blame or shame. How we define, interact and process these different emotions can have a major effect on the health of our relationships.

Needs vs Wants

Needs are more than the things we can’t live without. They represent our values, wants, desires and preferences for a happier and/or more meaningful experience as a human being. Understanding what you need vs what you want will lead to a healthy relationship.

Fear vs Danger

The fear of betrayal, of being alone, of being forgotten are primal to each of us, and are at the core of our being.  There is, however, a vast difference between the fear of something, and the real danger it may occur.  Navigating this opens our minds to belonging to something bigger – a team.