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Fresh Start Divorce Mediation Process

The Fresh Start Process

Step 1

Call Us

Getting to know you and your unique situation

Step 2

Initial Consult

Understanding what's needed for the agreement you both want

Step 3

Financial Analysis

Understanding your Financial Situation

Step 6

Your Agreement

A Negotiated Agreement that stands the test of time

Step 5

Parenting Plans

Creating a Parenting Plan that meets your needs

Step 4

Asset Division

Coming to Agreement on all Financial Matters

Book your Initial No-Charge Consult

Your Fresh Start Process

1. Let's Talk

We want to hear about your unique situation. It’s not uncommon to have a lot of questions when starting to research your options. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about what we do and how we might be able to assist you. In 15 minutes or less, our friendly staff can give you all the information you need to determine if we are the right solution for you. If you would like to proceed, we will book a time to meet for your free consultation.

A note about your privacy: The Canadian legal system is based on Common Law. That means everything said in the courts is part of the public record. However, all correspondence between you and Fresh Start Mediation is strictly confidential. Engaging our Mediators for your divorce allows for your private information to remain just that.  Private. We do not make unsolicited calls and operate with discretion.

2. We Meet

This first visit can be a daunting one for most, but we invite you to see it as the beginning of new way forward. We have several office locations and our aim is to schedule times and locations that are convenient for you. Fresh Start offers evening and weekend appointments as well as teleconference options to help handle any logistical issues that may arise. We are flexible, and so is our process. Our priority is making your separation as seamless as possible so you can focus on what really matters – applying a plan that is tailored to you.  During this meeting we will share information regarding the days ahead, plan future meetings, assign some homework and answer any additional questions.

3. We coach

Our goal is to help you re-imagine your life. With extensive experience in Divorce, Career & Life Transition Coaching and a history of client success, our individualized positivity and focused approach will help you attain your goals, and together we will navigate the turbulent waters of divorce to calmer seas ahead.

As CDC and CHCC professionally trained and experienced Certified Divorce & Career Coach, Our coaches have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of yourself and what you want for your future. CDC Coaches are professionally recognized by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the ABA  (American Bar Association).

4. We create your fresh start Plan together

The planning sessions are aimed at determining guidelines for your repurposed relationship and we will meet separately and with both parties together, as needed.  Our Fresh Start Financial Services team will address the division of property, assets and debt as it concerns your separation and divorce. These planning sessions may also include interim financial considerations and interim parenting plans

5. We draft your fresh start Agreement

Your divorce documents are prepared after the majority of our meetings have taken place and agreement has been reached between the parties. The Agreement may include custody and access, child support, spousal support, debts and obligations, assets and liabilities, property division and any other unique considerations. Fresh Start works with Divorce Filing Services to complete your executable court order and agreement. Fresh Start does not offer legal advice, obtaining independent legal advice is advised. Please call 1 (877) 649-5644 if you have questions.

6. you begin your fresh start

You may benefit from access to additional services that can assist in your transition. We have teamed with professional coaches, therapists and health experts to compile an amazing roster of local resources. Based on referrals, we have access to a network of professionals that have customized packages for our clients. Please call 1 (877) 649-5644 to learn more about our preferred services in financial, health and wellness planning.