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Upcoming Events

Mon., Jul. 26 | Online Event

An exclusive, interactive workshop designed to provide you with tangible tools and effective strategies for better communication in divorce.

Wed., May 20 | Zoom Webinar

Conflict is about meeting your needs. When you need or want something from another person and that person is not responding to you or is even preventing you from meeting your needs; then you are in conflict. We can offer strategies to navigate through conflict and meet your needs

Tue., Apr. 14 | Webinar

Now, maybe more than ever, is the perfect time to hear the words our two speakers have to share – Stories of SURVIVAL and HEROISM in a world gone mad. We invite you to join us online to share in an experience that will hopefully help you put things into perspective.

Sat., Feb. 22 | Fresh Start Seminars

The Fresh Start Healthy Relationships Seminar is a two-day intensive workshop designed to nurture your relationship and give you the practical skills and tools to have healthier more supportive communication and understanding with your partner.

Sat., Feb. 01 | Fresh Start Divorce Workshop

Our team of professionals work with you to guide you through your personal situation. We examine the family, emotional and financial complexities to meet your unique needs. No two agreements are the same, and how we help you achieve your Fresh Start matters.

Tue., Dec. 10 | Bankers Hall - 315, 8th Ave SW

This fun, informative and interactive hour with Don Schapira – Conflict Resolution Educator – will give you the tips and tricks that will help you focus on the important things during the holidays- like not burning the Turkey!