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Lawyers vs Mediation

Save Time, Money and Heartache with Mediation

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Litigation is expensive, time consuming, emotionally draining and unpredictable until a judge or jury decides the case, you can never be certain of the outcome. Because litigation is so inefficient for most of us, alternative dispute resolution, specifically mediation, has become increasingly popular.

An agreement that both parties determine that will encompass security, closure and most importantly, it has the highest rate of follow through of any option.

Saving time, saving money and saving heartache are the goals of all the Mediators at Fresh Start Divorce & Family Mediation. We work within your needs, your desired outcomes, and most importantly – your budget.

But don’t trust us, Divorce Lawyers from across Alberta said so themselves. Read the outcomes from ‘AN EVALUATION OF THE COST OF FAMILY DISPUTES‘ conducted by the Canadian Research Institute for Law and The Family

According to Canadian Lawyer Magazine Legal Fee Survey, the Average Western Divorce cost by a Lawyer was about $10,900 per person rising up to $15,000-25,000 when it required a trial.