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Fresh Start Corporate

Conflict Management
training program

Our Six-Step Process to Success

Step 1

Understanding Your Business

Listening to what you need is of utmost importance to us.  By understanding what conflicts your business is facing we can cater a plan specifically for you that increases productivity and profitability.

We want your business to thrive, and we have the plan to give you the tools to have the confidence to manage any conflict in the future, whether it be with staff, management or client relationships.

Our process will provide you the results you are looking for to ensure a Fresh Start for your business. 

Step 2

Conflict Management Workshops

The Listening To Be Heard Workshop is an engaging informative session the builds your teams communication skills and resiliency to manage conflict in a healthy way.

This workshop is designed for the entire team to listen, learn and grow. we can work with you to ensure the focus is on the strategies your team needs to succeed.

‘Conflict is inevitable.  Combat is optional.’
– Max Lucado

Step 3

Workplace Mediations

We work with you and your staff with the utmost assurances o confidentiality, collaboration and a results-oriented approach.

At Fresh Start Mediation we know how to understand how the issue began and then implement the strategies to overcome them.

The best part is, we will achieve those results as a team.

Step 4

Internal Review & Assessment

Compiling and assessing the results of our process is essential in understanding whether we are dealing with personalities or structure.

We can help streamline productivity by implementing company wide conflict management plans by ensuring best practices are implemented.

From Management training to corporate culture, the Fresh Start will ensure our clients are at their best, so your clients will notice.

Step 5

Implementation and Support

We will work with you side-by-side to ensure that the new strategies are put into effect and that your team not only accepts the shift, but are leading the charge. We are there to support the transition every step of the way.

When your team is engaged, excited and ready to make a difference then everyone from from top management to front-line employees will have the tools to make a positive impact on your business.

Welcome to your Fresh Start.

Step 6

Training & Maintenance

Our 3-day intensive Communication & Mediation Skills program can help your team move avoiding conflict to dealing with it effectively and efficiently, maximizing your teams productivity.

Your staff, from HR to Managers to front line staff will utilize the skills learned in this program to help push your company forward.

Eligible for the Canada- Alberta Job Grant

This is how we do it


A Fresh Start with Talk Up Tuesday. This week we talk about Fresh Start Mediaiton does it all when it comes to conflict management and mediation. Whether it’s divorce or corporate, Ditch the DiY and give Don a call!​

– Rob Hilditch
Managing Partner
Harding’s Services

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I love the ideas presented!!!! Practical application for my best foot forward. Already caught myself using the tools provided in just 3 hrs. Thank you!!!

I thought it was great! I especially liked the tangible examples and I really like that Rumbling with Trust was covered. It gave me a much better understanding of trust and what exactly that means

That was a great presentation... Subtle - yet powerful. I notice I am reflecting on it a lot today related to my own issues with anger and those of others.