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Mediation: Good Enough for Royalty, Good Enough for You

The Crown Season 5

In exploring, and introducing, the concept of mediation to those unfamiliar, I would suggest logging on to Netflix and taking a look at the acclaimed Drama, The Crown, fifth season’s penultimate episode, titled ‘Couple 31’. Here, the exploration and understanding of the nuance mediation offers to those during divorce, is effectively managed.    A few […]

Y’all, Stampede Responsibly

Things to Consider About Divorce Before Attending the Calgary Stampede “It’s Not Cheatin’, It’s Stampedin!” It’s been two years since the Calgary Stampede has been in full swing and many Calgarians are excited to get their boots on, join in the festivities, and have a great time. Stampede is generally a family affair and a […]

Fresh Idea: Bilingual Family Mediation!

Did you know we are the only bilingual family mediator serving Manitobans? Our own Lisa Huberdeau serves families in French AND English. Lisa was recently profiled by the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM) and we are excited whenever one of our team gets to share the good things we do for our […]

JD Law + Fresh Start

We have partnered with JD Law to ensure a smooth transition from the agreement you want, to the simple legal filing process you need. With your mediated agreements from Fresh Start in hand, JD Law can help clients based in Alberta file online without the need to appear in court in person.

Uncontested Divorce in Alberta: Online Filing Made Easy

We call an uncontested divorce filed online a Desk Divorce. Jd Law is an exclusive legal partner with Fresh Start Mediation providing divorce filing services for Alberta clients. At JD Law, an uncontested divorce that is filed online, without the need to appear before a judge or justice, is what we call a Desk Divorce. […]

5 tips for when considering selling your home during a divorce.

Separation and divorce creates one of the most difficult financial decisions we experience. Most notably, the largest asset most of us will ever acquire now hangs in the balance – The Family Home. Through the property division process, it is often the matrimonial home that must be sold. The sale of your home is not […]

Fresh Thoughts Winter 2022 Newsletter

When you find yourself needing to proceed with a separation or divorce, you need the best people behind you to assure you get the fresh start you truly deserve. The growing team at Fresh Start Mediation blend fresh ideas, experience, and innovation. It’s our passion to save you money and see you happier and more […]

Surviving the Holidays Divorced

Wondering how you will get through Christmas this year? Your soon-to-be former spouse is taking the kids to his parents for the holiday, as you always did as a family. But this year you are going to be alone. How are you going to survive the holidays while in the middle of a divorce? If […]

Green Needle or Brainstorm: Hearing What we Choose to Hear

In May 2018, an audio clip went viral on social media, sparking a debate among listeners about whether they heard the word “Yanny” or “Laurel.” The clip was originally posted on Reddit by a user who asked fellow users to identify which word they heard. As the clip went viral, people were shocked to learn […]

Resolving Condo Conflicts: The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sometimes conflicts escalate and people get hurt – emotionally, financially, and even physically. Think back to a time you were in a conflict with a co-worker in the workplace. How did you feel? Were you uncomfortable? Did you ignore the person? Did you try to sit down with the person and sort out the problem? […]