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Fresh Start Services

Your Road Map

A detailed analysis of your current situation to understand what you need, so we can give you the agreement you want

Mediation Services

Designated professional mediators working with you to help you achieve your very own Fresh Start

Corporate Services

Creating a healthy work environment where conflict is managed so you can focus on profitability

A Team
Supporting You

From Mediators to Financial Planners, we have built the team to answer all of the questions you need the answers to

Financial Assessments

Assessing, evaluating and anazlyzing your assets and liabilities to give you the best advice, and best solutions for your unique situation

We have helped hundreds of families navigate their separation

We have saved our clients time, money & heartache

We listen to what you need to get you the agreement you want

Our no pressure, FREE initial consult answers all your questions

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Fresh Start Divorce

Hundreds of families have saved their time, money and heartache

Fresh Start Divorce Workshop

All the experts, all at once. We Listen to what YOU need and offer all the answers in one place.

Fresh Start Corporate

From services for your employees, to workplace conflict strategies and mitigation, Fresh Start will ensure a long lasting solutions

Fresh Start Initial Consult

1 Hour Free Consultation