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Angie Page


Family Mediator, Alberta South

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19th Floor, Stephen Avenue Place,
700 - 2nd Street SW,
Calgary, AB T2P 0X1

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Angie’s Profile


  • Athabasca University (BGS, 2021)
  • Athabasca University (UCCW, 2020)
  • Mount Royal University (Conflict Resolution Certificate, 2019)


I am a proud mother of three young adults who are on the launchpad to adulthood showing lots of promise for a bright and healthy future. I celebrate this because I know firsthand how the divorce of their parents impacted an already confusing and emotional journey of adolescence. Family discord, marital separation, and divorce are never what we imagine for ourselves when we walk down that aisle and pledge our vows, but relationships are complex, everchanging, and have a lifespan we can’t always predict. Traditionally, views of family breakdown have imposed unnecessary burdens of shame, emotional turmoil, and financial devastation on all those involved and that is why I chose to join Fresh Start. Their process reflects a new vision of healthy parenting, separation, and divorce, and they are devoted to achieving the best possible outcome for everyone.

I aim to apply my skills and knowledge as a Certified Divorce Specialist to help make a difference in the lives of families and communities by empowering individuals toward a better quality of life. Brain development and its connection to mental health, counseling skills, and trauma-informed care, are part of my unique background of education in psychology and health care. While studying to be a midwife, I supported many kinds of families from the moment they began, and I believe that they deserve the same continuity of support during a divorce. In 2019, I completed the Alternative Dispute Resolution Certificate at Mount Royal University and I have given much of my time since then as a mediator with Community Mediation Calgary Society. However, my interests have always been with relationships and family disputes, and this is where I aim to apply my skills and knowledge to help you communicate and negotiate solutions that best reflect your unique needs.