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Andrea Richards

Family Mediator

Contact information

Stephen Avenue Place 700 - 2nd Street SW, 19th Floor Calgary, AB T2P 0X1


Andrea is a wife and mother of two. She has worked in Human Resources in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. She has been a part of union negotiations, working with employees and managers to build healthy relationships and manage conflict as well as developed and implemented training in customer service and Human Resource practices. She has also worked as a legal secretary for a law firm that handled a lot of family law cases. During this time, she was able to observe and be involved in the divorce process for many couples. Through these experiences and the experiences of friends and family who have been through divorce, she has observed the many aspects and difficulties the parties go through. With these skills, she can provide the direction and information necessary for you to make these decisions about your future.

I chose to become a part of Fresh Start Mediation because I have seen how difficult divorce can be in the lives of those I care about. The traditional method of divorce did not end up leaving some of them in a very good position financially while their ex-partner was left in a better one. They simply did not have all the information that they needed to make better choices in their divorce process. This made me want to make a difference by helping others not make the same mistakes. I work with my husband who has a financial background which balances out the legal and people based background I have.

Service Areas

  • Family Mediation
  • Divorce Mediation